Water with Benefits



 A more Nutritious Bang for your Buck 

Number1 Drink's are crafted to give you a more Nutritious Bang for your Buck than

any other water, soft drink or mixer.


Without artificial colours, sugars or stimulants, the Number1 Drink's Taste Great, are 

Zero-Sugar, Zero Calorie, Lemon+Lime 

flavour functional beverages, powered by

Energy-Enhancing B Vitamins and

immune boosting Vitamin C.

Look after Number1

There is no point putting junk into your body and expecting it to perform well.


We created a drink that not only tastes great, but also has a whopping 50% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA)

per day of Vitamins B5, B6 and B12.

These B Vitamins contribute to increased energy levels and are proven to reduce fatigue - naturally.

Biotin Enhanced

We packed 100% of the recommended

dietary allowance (RDA) per day of Biotin into every 250ml can of the Number1 Drink.

Biotin is proven to benefit the maintenance

of normal skin, hair and nails along with 

other health benefits whilst also 

reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Delivered to your Door

The Number1 Fridge packs 

will be coming soon.

Original or Caffeine Free, why

not order online and have our

great tasting Number1drinks delivered to your home or work.

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