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Chiara Lewis

Meet BEAM Founder Chiara


Founder and CEO, Chiara is a certified award-winning PT who has been personal training for almost 10 years in London and beyond. Her experience in multiple fitness environments and London’s top fitness boutiques allowed her to develop a unique effective method which uses mindful practices as well as physical exercise. “Chiara is enthusiastic, positive and knowledgeable on a wide array of topics. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her sweet personality draws you into her workouts and you’re sweating in the most pleasant way getting results quickly”.

 Balance Exercise & Mind

Move Your Body. Stretch Your Mind



Exercise is a tool to not only to feel more confident and happy with the way you look but also empower, enable creativity,  de-stress and dedicate time to yourself. 

With weekly mindfulness practices, workout programmes and an empowering community of like minded people BEAM - Balance Exercise and Mind is changing how people think about fitness and motivating them in all aspects of their lives. 

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A Number1 Team



Number1 brand has teamed up with top trainer Chiara Lewis, Founder and trainer at BEAM - Balance Exercise and Mind whose mission is to make exercise non-intimidating, easily accessible and create healthy habits for life.

Together we bring you The Number1 Fit Body Project, a 10 weekly downloadable time & space friendly workout plan that will empower you to exercise anytime/anywhere with no equipment and with time efficient sessions.

Yes You Can!

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